Two-Shaft Shredder M120ED with a ram hopper
Shredding mixed waste containing wood, waste plastic, metal at a rate of 5 tons per hour.
Two-Shaft Shredder M120E
Shredding OTR, passenger tires, vulcanized rubber scraps to 2(50 ㎜) @ 5 tons per hour.
Four-Shaft Shredder Q100ED with a ram hopper
Shredding waste plastic, wood scrap, textiles and bulky waste until they are 2(50 mm)in size with one pass.
Primary Shredder PRI-MAX PR 780
Two-Shaft Shredder M120H (Hydraulic Type) with a ram hopper
As a preliminary shredding for RPF production line (10 tons/hour), this unit shreds disposable items such as waste roll mats, waste flexible container bags, mass of waste ropes without difficulty. 
Two-Shaft Shredder M85E with a ram hopper
Round shapes (Bowling balls) & Steel drums are shredded easily. 
Four-Shaft Shredder Q100ED
For RPF production, initial cost is minimized by adopting four shafts which can proceed primary shredding, crushing and mixing.
Vertical Shredder
This unit is used to shred small appliances with high metal coposition ratio.
Two-Shaft Shredder M85H with a ram hopper
Not only rigid plastics, but also film type and waste pallets are also shredded efficiently.
PRI-MAX, Dual-shear and Quad installed in line
Shredding office appliance / home appliance.
This unit accepts variety of material types.
Two-Shaft Shredder M140HD with a ram hopper
This unit is equipped with a SF system (Smart Feed) that allows shredding hard to shred items such as thick ropes or fish nets.
Installed @ tile recycling plant
Oyster shell shredding line
Recycling oysters shells for further use.