Ryohshin Two-Shaft Shredder

If you are looking for a heavy-duty shredder capable of processing various materials, such as mixed waste with impurities, Ryohshin Two-Shaft Shredder is the best to choose. The shredder discharges the waste is the same width as the cutter width called “Strip”, usually 2.5 cm to 3.0 cm wide. The robust design of Two-Shaft Shredder is equipped with a direct drive type cleaning device, “ACLS (TM)”(Advanced Cutter Locking System), and “Automatic reversing device”.

Ryohshin Two-Shaft Shredder is ideal for the following applications

● Alternative Fuel, Waste Derived Fuel.

● MSW (Municipal Sollid Waste), Industrial waste, Wood, Paper, Tire, Plastic, Carpet, Fabric etc.

● Products, Confidential data processing Documents / Literatures, Hardware drive, Non-standard manufactured goods, Expired goods, Chemicals, Electronic products, Plastic parts, etc.

● Waste disposal, Alternative treatment Medical waste, Radioactive material, Organic matter, Cloth, Paper and all kinds of fibers, MSW, Industrial waste etc.

● Dangerous goods Battery, Hazardous waste etc.

● Contaminats Multi contaminants.

● Metallic material Aluminum, Irons, sonferrous metals, Metal chips, Steel drums.

● Tires Tires for passenger cars, trucks, off road cars.

● Plastics Purging materials, Roll sheets, Films, Non-standard manufactured goods, etc.

■Specification sheet

The Specification is dependent on the type of materials


The Specification is dependent on the type of materials