Windshifter SDS
single drum separator

High volume, High capacity system

The SDS separates all kind of waste types into two fractions, heavy and light by density. The robust construction and foolproof functionality guarantee a long lasting and trouble-free operation.


The SDS easily separates Municipal Solid waste (MSW), Commercial & Demolition waste (C&D), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), compost, and particularly useful in processing e.g.

● Bad shredded materials

● Waste containing large materials

● Abrasive materials (glass, inert, car scrap, etc.)

● A high volume percentage of light materials (plastics and film)

● Hard and bulky soft materials

● High moisture contents

Windshifter SDS

● Adjustability: It’s easy to change settings during operation

● Low energy consumption due to our unique configuration with a recirculation fan

● Low maintenance and very few wearable parts, i.e. reduced downtime, low operational costs

● Dust free operation, the positive effect of negative pressure technology


● heavy fraction
The heavy fraction falls down in front of the splitter.

● The light fraction
The light fraction is transported over the splitter drum and will be separated from the air in the expansion room.

Windshifter SDS