Windshifter SDi

semi-mobile separator
Perfectly integrated Design

The SDi series is available in two models, semi-mobile and stationary, with an integrated dust filtration system, an electrical cabinet, support and for abrasive materials with a wear resistant configuration.


Usable for virtually all kinds of solid waste up to 250 mm.

Windshifter SDi

● The SDi is a semi-mobile air separator in a plug-and-play version with an integrated dust filter and electrical cabinet, and is fitted with extendable support legs

● Low energy consumption due to our unique configuration with a recirculation fan

● Dust free operation, the positive effect of negative pressure technology

● Low maintenance and very few wearable parts, i.e. reduced downtime, low operational costs

● Adjustability: It’s easy to change settings during operation

● Transportation efficiency: Fits in a semi-trailer or 40’ container


● heavy fraction
The heavy fraction falls down in front of the splitter.

● The light fraction
The light fraction is transported over the splitter drum and will be separated from the air in the expansion room.

Windshifter SDi