Ryohshin Rough Shredder

The ultimate rough shredder : innovative technology for all type of wastes

The multi-crusher series FR is designed to be installed as primary machine for the treatment of municipal solid waste, bulky waste, industrial waste and for all kinds of materials. The innovative technology reduces the maintenance costs and simplify the management. The shafts revolution cycles managed by PLC allow to work with large waste quantity inside the hopper, without machine downtime for overloading or bridging and without further options like hydraulic pusher. The multi crusher FR is available in different models and sizes to fulfill all productions from the lowest to the highest quantities


● Counter blades are removable (patent pending) and can be removed easily for quick maintenance

● Blades are made in wear-proof steel Hardox

● Adjustable output size by changing the Sieving cutting-table

● Automatic greasing managed by PLC


● Municipal solid waste(MSW)

● Bulky waste

● Industrial waste

● Plastic

● Wood

● Please ask for other materials

Trials are Availabele.Please contact us for more information


The Specification is dependent on the type of materials