Comfosy (Hygienic Water)

“Safe and Harmless” Hygienic Disinfection, Anti-virus and Deodorant Water
what is Comfosy

What is ""Comfosy ?"vComfosy is a disinfecting solution made of sodium hypochlorite, a government-approved food additive and widely used for disinfector, with acid added. It has been theoretically proved that sodium hypochlorite would work better and faster with acid added. But at the same time, the mixing of sodium hypochlorite and acid may produce toxic gas. Therefore even if we knew it was theoretically possible to produce a better disinfecting solution, we had been unable to realize it. However, Haccpper’s newly invented technology has enabled the almost-impossible mixture, and here Comfosy was born. Our trustworthy technology to produce Comfosy was awarded the Tokyo Venture Technology Award in 2004.

Production of Comfor Water

Mixing sodium hypochlorite with acids such as hydrochloric acid can produce solutions like bleach and mold remover, which use sodium hypochlorite as the main ingredient. Those solutions always come with cautions like ‘DANGER, do not mix’ and as what the label means, the mixing process is hard and dangerous. And we, Haccpper succeed this process by our special mixing technology and the product is Comfor Water.

Compared with sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) solution that is an existing disinfectant, Comfor water is shown to have a superior effect against bacteria (Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria and bacterial spores), yeasts and fungiunder the same free chlorine concentration. Especially, the superiority is highlighted for microbes that are hard to kill.

Comfor Water or Sodium hypochlorite disinfects using Hypochlorous acid. State of Hypochlorous acid changes with pH value. In alkaline state (above pH 7.0) it exists as ion (OCl-) and in neutral to acidic state it exists as molecule (HOCl). The graph below shows the variation of ion and molecules.

Deodorization by washing with Comfosy