Rotary Separator(RS)

The rotary separator replaces much bulkier cyclone or static screen separators. The design consists of a large diameter rotary valve coupled with a specially engineered heavy duty perforated screen combined within a single enclosure. The screen design incorporates aerodynamic principles as well as a wiping action to ensure efficient, trouble free operation. This clever design guarantees waste separation from the conveying air, even with high waste loads, without the need for variable/adjustable inlets vanes or balance fans with Volume Control Dampers. A slowly rotating six-bladed star shaped rotor fitted with heavy duty wear resistant rubber seals forms a physical barrier, forcing the conveying air through the screen. The rubber seals provide a wiping action to the perforated screen ensuring it remains free from debris to maintain reliable operation.


● Unit can operate under positive or negative conditions

● Low power consumption, between 3kW and 4kW depending on model

● Compact design compared with traditional static screen separator & rotary valve

● Low noise level

● High air handling capacity for relative size

● Ideal for use in conjunction with Impact Reverse Jet Filter