Ryohshin Four-Shaft Shredder

Shreds to desired size “Ryohshin Four-Shaft Shredder”

To fine and equal size in “One Pass”. If you are lookin for a shredder that can consistently shred to finer material sizes we recommend QUAD™ which enables shredding of a wide range of materials. Four shafts in the cutting chamber will continue to recirculate until the pieces are sized to pass through the screen (replaceable) directly below the shafts. QUAD™ is a shredder that adopts proven low speed / high torque technology and can shred a wide range of materials. Output is a uniform size and cut in pieces. The equipment will not be demanded by meter or rigid material due to its durable design.

Ryohshin Four-Shaft Shredder is ideal for the following applications

● Alternative Fuel / Solid Waste Fuel Urban solid waste, Industrial waste, Wood, Paper, Tire, Plastic, Carpet, Fiber, etc.

● Material Separation / Resource Recovery Electronic equipment scrap, Plastic, Aluminum, Used beverage cans, Drums, Automatic shredder residue, Wood, etc.

● Disposal of products / Security measures Documents, Hard disk drives, Defective and out-of-date products, Pharmaceuticals, Electronic equipment and plastic parts.

● Waste disposal / Alternative waste Medical waste, Radioactive material, Organic fertilizer, Paper fiber, Urban solid waste, Industrial waste, etc.

■Specification sheet

The Specification is dependent on the type of materials