RYOHSHIN Discs Sieve“DS series”

Discs sieve that avoid the twisting and wrap around of the long and filamentous pieces on the shafts with the innovative system solution

DS series Disc screen is an innovative screen installed with our unique technology to prevent long items or material strips from getting wrapped around the shafts. Shafts are made of special steels designed to work with polygonal, various sized discs that enable a wide range of wastes to be treated. Severe shocks are given to the infeed material as they are shaken by the rotation of the discs, and wastes are carried up towards the discharge while being separeted to high standards.


● Higher throughput due to reduced or no wrapping

● The space between the discs guarantees the sieving dimension. A further refinement of this dimension is obtained by the shafts adjustable speed, made by inverter installed on the electric control panel

● All the components assembled on the shafts are made by steel of high thickness, for a long working life also in extreme conditions

● No mobile parts in the discs shafts in order to avoid any maintenance and cleaning


● Wet, Clogging material

● For separation of household waste & garbage bags


The CAD technology guarantees a perfect screening thanks to the metallic cones installed on the shafts, which divert the long pieces to the shaft section cleaned by the next disc, avoiding their fall in the sieved fraction (under sieve). The CAD system is manufactured with steel components of high thickness, rigidly fixed on the discs shaft-holder. This solution, which does not need the installation of any movable parts, does not require maintenance and has a great resistance against wear caused by the waste.