Zigzag Classification Unit(ZCU)

Mixed material fed into the system via a belt conveyor is processed by the zigzag system, splitting the material based on density, size and shape into a stream of heavy and light materials. Heavy material is discharged from the base of the zigzag classi fication chamber, whilst the lighter material and fi ne dust particles are transported in the airstream and discharged at the base of the rotary material separator and from the fully integrated reverse jet cartridge style dust fi lter unit.


● Reduces landfi ll tax exposure

● Increase material recovery rate

● Ensure loss on ignition (LOI) levels below 10% are achieved

● Increase the value of the feed material by removal of unwanted contaminants

● Fully adjustable air flows for highly effi cient separation

● High material throughput capabilities

● Wide range of material applications

● Fully treated with highly durable internal surfaces for prolonged life

● Minimal on site assembly time