Optical sorter

Innovative and efficient sensor based sorting solution for various materials

● High-speed and High-precision sorting with the smallest possible distances to the object

● The minimum valve pitch is 3.125mm

● Grain sizes from 1mm

● 2 and 3 - Way Solutions

● Space-saving design

● Self- Cleaning

● Easily accessible for maintenance and operational checks

Explanatory view

The material is illuminated with light of a particular colour spectrum. The transmission information is recorded by highly sensitive cameras and analysed. The valves attached to the ejection units are activated at the right moment. Depending on the programmable menu, contaminants and pre-defined colours are ejected into the freely selectable sorting ways.


Glass, Plastic, Paper, MSW (Municipal Sollid Waste), RDF, Metal, WEEE, SLAG


Chute type

Belt type

Multiway type

Image of 3-way version