Battleship Tough Vibratory Screener
The secret to gaining a competitive edge is to place separation technology in first place as a primary solution

The innovative TAPER-SLOTR Screen is designed to excel in challenging applications that conventional screens cannot handle. The TAPER-SLOTR has a proven track record of superior reliability and consistent performance.


Lateral wedge deflectors prevent material from shifting laterally and catching under or wrapping around finger tips, thus allowing the screen to remain clean for maximum screening efficiency.


Lateral wedge deflectors prevent longer, often oversized materials from shifting sideways under a finger tip and falling into the accepts.


Lateral wedge deflectors prevent undesirable “finger–bending” and function as gussets under each finger to provide the ultimate in rigidity for long screen life.


taggered fingers and divergent openings allow particles the opportunity to self-relieve / cam-out.