High Capacity Drum Airknife(HCDA)

The Air Drum Separator material separation technology takes many design cues from our existing Airknife system, utilising a high velocity channel of air to separate the in feed material. The addition of a rotating drum dramatically increases the separation efficiency using tried and tested fluid dynamics. Eliminating the need for pneumatic conveying of the light fraction, results in very high hourly throughput capabilities. The light particles are carried in the airstream over the drum surface into the material drop out section, equipped with a mechanical separation device for a reduced overall footprint, leaving the heavier material to discharge in front of the drum.


● Mechanical separation module for increased filtration life and reduced maintenance

● Robust, reliable construction

● Reduced footprint compared to competitors

● Ultimate flexibility and fine tuning of performance

● Diverse range of applications

● Improves the value of material

● Reduces landfill