AI Sorting Robot

AI-driven Industrial robotics for material recovery Innovative invention replacing the traditional ways of human hand picking of valuable wastes.
Ryohshin AI-driven (Artificial Intelligence) industrial robotics is our latest development that will recognise, sort, pick and process wastes automatically for recycling, which is a process that has long been done by humans

What is most powerful about this robot is that the Artificial Intelligence is able to instantly analyse the image data scanned by a camera and recognise shape and appearance of the material. Based on this material information, system can efficiently sort the waste. In addition, AI stores all material information and continuously learns to improve its accuracy through its everyday operations.
The robots can operate 24/7 and will increase the overall capacity of the recycling lines.


● Tackles labour shortage

● Two types of grippers each dedicated to efficient sorting of heavy wastes, and light wastes

● AI (Artificial Intelligence) constantly learns to improve the separation efficiency

● 24/7 operation to increase the overall capacity of the recycling lines

Ideal for heavy debris from Construction and Demolition (C&D) wastes. AIBenkei uses strong grippers to handle heavy 3D-material.

Speedy collection of light wastes with two suction grippers. Dexterous picking of thin, 2D-material.