Energy efficient “Misting System”

Improving your working environment with mysting system
Creates stress-free environment

Waste disposal sites tend to have poor work environments and said to be "Dirty, Smelly, and Tight". However, by misting directly onto various sources of dusts, the working environment is greatly improved. In order to protect the health of the workers at the site, we offer a two-fluid nozzle misting system with or excellence is cost & performance.

Consideration to the environment

As a consideration to workers at site, we must ensure the workers are in a comfortable working environment by general Law and Occupational Health and Safety Law. The most important purpose for misting system is to prevent health hazards of workers. As a prevention measure of incurable "Pneumoconiosis" which is always a concern in dusty work environment, the system prevents dust from scattering and affections workers health. The system also prevents dust from traveling to nearby sites, cools down the surrending area & cleanses the factory itself.

Effective place and point for misting system

● Waste disposal facility, especially factory dealing with construction waste materials, dismantling mince, wood, etc

● During sorting, dismantling, and shredding

● Unloading from a trucks, loading on trucks and while the dust is being transported

● Shredder infeed, discharge or areas high level of dust is expected

Features (Compared to our previous model)

● Reduced running cost by approximately 70%

● Reduction of maintenance costs

● Can be installed in a limited space

● Sprays to a wide range of areas

Widespread type, head type mist (Spray range approx. ∅6 m)

Single head type mist (Spray range approx. ∅2 m)

Misting system control panel. Equipment such as compressors