Ryohshin's beverage container line uses full advantages of magnets, eddy-current and air separation to minimise the required number of workers and yet achieve the maximum capacity.
A single unit taking large volume of waste plastic, wood, scrap, papers scrap, textile, metal, glass, and ceramics.
Separating RPF materials from C&I.
Sorting line aimed at recycling MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) generated from US military bases in Japan.
Mixed waste separation system is taking place to increase recycling rate, and to lower the landfills.
Using Wind separater (V Selector) and air knife, mixed waste generated from construction site is separated. Improving recycling rate and reduction of landfills.
Mixed waste is sorted by trommel and manual sorting station. This system requires minimum footprint.
Vibratory air separation sorting fines, heavy, light @ 120㎥ per hour.
Zigzag, Rotary separater and a filter is a compact form.