Separation System


■Ryohshin's beverage container line uses full advantages of magnets, eddy-current and air separation to minimise the required number of workers and yet achieve the maximum capacity.
■A single unit taking large volume of waste plastic, wood, scrap, papers scrap, textile, metal, glass, and ceramics.
■Separating RPF materials from C&I.
■Sorting line aimed at recycling MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) generated from US military bases in Japan.
■Mixed waste separation system is taking place to increase recycling rate, and to lower the landfills.
■Using Wind separater (V Selector) and air knife, mixed waste generated from construction site is separated. Improving recycling rate and reduction of landfills.
■Mixed waste is sorted by trommel and manual sorting station. This system requires minimum footprint.
■Vibratory air separation sorting fines, heavy, light @ 120㎥ per hour.
■Zigzag, Rotary separater and a filter is a compact form.
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