2015 December   Distributionship contract with binder+co (Austria)
  2015 April   Joint research with Toyama University on pnewmatic separation & transfer
  2014 December   Installed sollar power generation system (500kW)
  2013 October   Saitama branch opened
  2013 January   Disk Screen Patented. (NO.3181720)
  2012 September   Misting System Patented. (NO.5085791)
  2012 March   Agreement with KS Baler (Compressor scrap shear equipment)
  2011 June   Agreement with Impact Air Systems Ltd.
  2011 January   Ryohshin Techno Center opened
  2010 September   Air Separation System Patented. (NO.3163451)
  2009 November   Agreement with CP Group
  2009 May   Mixed waste separation system Patented. (NO.4315953)
  2008 June   Misting System in product range
  2006 September   Certified Automobile repair & maintainance dealer. (approved by Hokuriku Shinetu Transport Bureau)
  2006 July   Mixed waste separation system in product range
  2006 April   Agreement with SSI Shredding Systems Inc
  2004 March   ISO9001:2008 Certified
  2001 December   Ryohshin Co.,Ltd. established head office in Toyama branch in Ishikawa prefecture